Internal injuries

Internal injuries- " Acts of harassment denied and hidden , and children have no basic protection " • What happens to boarding schools at risk ? • Research  , Naama Lnskymichl Jacob Isaac , .Israel Hayom , Posted on: 04/04/2014 00:40 Updated on : 06/04/2014

Lily's stomach began to hurt most concern when boarding manager called her into his office to reach a panic , where he even offered her coffee , cakes and cold water. As out of his way to please and soothe her , the more she felt that something bad happened to one of her children living in a boarding school . She was sure it was the large boy that is playful and always making trouble.

But then the director of campus held his head , said that thirty years is not such a thing happened to him , and murmured a few verses from the Torah . This is Lily's daughter , age seven . She was sexually adused by some boys . It happened six days ago,the manager has no real info and is not allowed to ask wat happend the Police are investigating.

" I asked , what does it mean sexually abused , what exactly happened , how it happened and why no one stopped it and what do I do now ? Leave her with her ​​attackers ? " Lily tells exactly what happened a month ago , " and he told me he was not sure , my daughter was on the way to testify . Demanded to let me see her right away, and they took me to her .

"The first thing the girl said to me is' Mom, I'm not guilty .i Hugged her and told her : " Obviously you're not guilty. youare my soul . Go tell all that happened. my hero , and mothers watching over you . its's Not your fault, sweet heart . " .

Lily was asked to leave her daughter and stumbled back to her small apartment in Jerusalem. "I saw a black screen before my eyes , I was afraid of falling apart ," she says . "I took four valiums that day , and it did not help. Felt my heart torn out of my body ."

After a few days it became clear to Lily that five boys sexually abused her daughter. Another boy watched the proceedings in silence and did nothing ..

" Trying to reassure me that the boys did not rape her, but forced her to touch them ," she says . "I do not understand why thay did not do a physical examination to make sure they did not hurt her . , I do not understand how it happened when the child should be cared for all the time, and I do not see why it remains the responsibility of guides who failed in their jobs ."

Lily (a pseudonym , as the minor's parents names in the article ) , a single - parent age 41 , had a difficult life very difficult . she looks young a full of spirit which are not able to hide the hardships experienced in her youth. Although she has been working diligently but barely makes a living . At one point she thought, or was persuaded by the welfare authorities that her children should grow up at a boarding school , not far from her apartment . Poverty ,her difficult childhood , criminal past , the fact she was a single - parent - all left her little chance to leave the children with her, at her home .

The children were removed from home by social services , the argument of the welfare of the child . Her son was 4 years old when he left home, her daughter was only two years old . Now she regrets , but there is no way back.

Lily , who herself suffered sexually throughout her childhood , conducted an intense struggle . she was surrounded by good friends and social activists , not to let the issue be forgotten.

After 12 days the attackers were expelled from boarding school . But Lily 's voice is not happy with in the success or non success of the struggle . Certainly not happy she is.

"Officially , the case was handled , even though my daughter does not have to remain under the care of the failed guides . And it helps ?me the case was handled ? " She cries. "It should not have happened . Was not impossible to avoid it ?.thay Promised me to keep my baby , and I believe them , because I wanted her fate will be different from mine ."

yonit : " On the way home ,one of the girls told me instructors are getting with us into bed at night ." Photo: Joshua Joseph
yonit : " On the way home ,one of the girls told me instructors are getting with us into bed at night ." Photo: Joshua Joseph

Low reporting level

Prevalence of sexual abuse in children and adolescents in the general population gradually increases and closes at us from all directions. Israeli police data shows that of all cases of sexual offenses started in 2012 , 44 percent were made to minors up to age 17: 2,200cases from about 5,000 . upto Age 12 no significant difference in numbers of boys and girls ; From 12 onwards , there are more girls hurt.

This data already harsh have to be treated seririously , because among children and youth level reporting of sexual assault is very low, for reasons that shame, guilt , fear of social rejection , peer pressure or simply a lack of awareness and the blurring between the permitted and the forbidden , which is characteristic of these ages . All this , when children are exposed today more than ever before to sexuality and pornography , which are available to them very easily.

But what is happening inside the state run boarding schools that are closed to the public , which children find themselves being taken from their parents' by the authority of social services on the grounds that thay are protecting them , watch them , monitor them and to significantly improve their immediate environment ? And what happens when it happens to children affected by their past, or that grow up with parents how were sexually abused as children ? This is a population with a potential for injury witch is significantly higher .

Absolute majority of children referredto bording schools Away - : " because of Such claims as the child is exposed to neglect the of there welfare and physical abuse , emotional and sexual . In 2012, to illustrate, is that out of about 36 thousand requests handled by social workers ( CPOs ) of the youth , about 45 percent were classified under the category " neglect " , about 37 percent were classified as physical ausult " and 17 percent - sexual ausult . " Sexual vulnerability rate has not changed significantly in five years.

Professor Esther Herzog , Chairman of the A.l.i. :"Things happen are denied and hidden "
Professor Esther Herzog , Chairman of the A.l.i. :"Things happen are denied and hidden "

Professor Esther Herzog , Chairman A.l.i. the NGO Children's Rights and Parents , twenty years against unjustified removal of children from their parents , emphasizing that many of these parents were themselves " children of well-fare " . "This is at least a second or third generation of welfare children . So how do we get out of the endless vicious cycle ? Is this not the proof that something is fundamentally wrong here . I claim all the years that only by addressing real community and family care can help . Not by automatic removal of children to institutions".

Indeed, all of the mothers interviewed for this article were welfere children . They all also have experienced sexual abuse themselves. Now they relive traumas , as if not enough tragic life circumstances .

Adi ( 33 ) has five children from three different fathers : the older daughter was 13 months , and 4 -year-old little boy and a half . She herself was the child welfare, sent with her brother following a disease where her mother was sick . At the age of seven she was the victim of a brutal rape from a neighbour . In her teens she lost both her parents .

She married young , and when she asked for a divorce was refused a divorce. The only option to be released marriages entailed giving up custody of her two daughters firstborns in favor of the father. She maintains close contact with them . At the end of another failed relationship and full with violence, she found herself on the street fled with two small children under the age of four , when her body full of bruises .

"At that time I had no money for anything , not even to eat. i Would invadeempty amidar homes . Every time someone complained about me to the police ,thay would come and throw me out to the street. Arrested at least ten times.

" When the children were aged four and five,i took them to the children 's welfare office and asked for help , and then one child was sent to foster care and other boarding school . i Consent to it , but today I'm sorry . If you would give me financial aid and guide me and give me tools how to deal with raising children , the boys were stay with me . "

Her young son , from a third man in her life ,wen she was aged 28 . According to her, the welfare informed her baby after birth will be up for adoption , but she was determined . "All the difficulties I had sustained , I knew this kid thay wood not touch .i Know that nothing in the world wood break me , and really I did. Using Amidar I got an apartment , I was able to hold the two of us. Worked as a cleaner and as an accompanying student transportation .

" I can not say that everything is good , and there are days that I have no food in the refrigerator , but thankfully, I'm fine . there are good people who help me , and I swore that welfare will no longer be in my life ."

Exactly a year ago the phone rang at the home of adi. "Without prior warning I was told my son , aged nine , was sexually abused by another child from boarding school ," she says . " I almost fainted . , I remember I dropped the phone from my hand and I was shaking all over.

"The boarding school told me that they found them in his bed , along with another child. They still tried to calm me down and told me not to worry , it 's not that bad , because the offender is a child my son's age ."

According to adi , the bording school personal asked on to complane to the police , and promised her she would handle the matter , if necessary, invite the police . However, she complained to the police about an indecent act against a minor , and she invited to the boarding school police car , but it did not help. "Not even took him for a medical examination ," she says sadly. " To this day I do not know if police are investigating my complaint or not."

Boarding school , she says, underplayed the incident . Even after things were discovered , left her son to stay in all day near the abusing boy , and slept with him in the same room . He rarely tells her about what he experienced , but when he came home for visits ,i noticed noticed he wets the bed.

" One day I saw bruises on his body . Asked him what it is . Initially tried to dodge , but i did not give up . Finally he broke down and told me a sexual assaulted on the same child were on a regular basis for three months after the initial discovery .

After her son told her about the repeated injuries , he refused to go back to boarding school . " Instead of sending him back , I went to the welfare office that handles boarding school son and I called to confront them with new information discovered , and they just said they could not handle it , because I had complained to the police.

"When I demanded answers to how you may , under the supervision of child sexually offensive another child , they told me that the child harms experienced sexual abuse himself. How does that help me , how everyone was dozing How it happens that my son goes to a boarding school because I do not have the financial ability to raise him , and the very place that should protect him,is were he experienced such injury ? "

adi turned to welfare officer , who knew the case. She tried to persuade her to return the child , but adi was refused. "I told them over my dead body i will allow my child to be abused again . Later they realized there was nothing to fight me in private everyone seems to know who was here a serious crime . Thay sent him home . Few months ago removed to a temporary emergency center in Jerusalem, until there is a has a permanent solution , where he gets treatment.

" Even today, after so many months , you can see that the injury left him badly scarred .this Week they called me and told me my child is walking around the shelter in his underwear

Adi . " I was told on the phone that my son , aged nine , was sexually abused another child from boarding school ." Photo: Joshua Joseph

Difficult to follow each child

Keren Kesler , a clinical social worker and psychotherapist specializing in working with parents whose children suffered sexual and providing training for managers and staff dormitory , explains the lack of love and care and bording school family exposes children to situations of sexual exploitation . " Because some children were sexually abused themselves , so that is the starting point for two possible situations : either the child victim will continue to be a victim, or he'll try to translate the harm that harm another child .

" in Boarding schools its difficult to follow each child. the attaking childis suposed to be kept away from the victim , it is important to make sure he will not be with the child victim . Unfortunately from my experience - from the inside , having looked at many cases of sexual abuse , the staff does everything to hide it, for fear of reprimand . Many times staff themselves overwhelmed by the situation , and do not know how to deal with it. this place should be a protector and protected becomes a place that keeps us silent , allowing violations to continue.

" On the other hand , I know that when it is discovered that frames a case of sexual abuse are all current daily activities are stoped , conducting talks and assisted by qualified professionals that."

keren , a clinical social worker : "A lot of times the team itself are overwhelmed and do not know how to handle "

According to a report Silman published last month ,in the State of Israel there are 268 internaly controlled and funded bording schools by the Ministry of Social Affairs - including internal rehabilitation , treatment , post- hospitalization , and boarding of Youth Protection , designed most of the population until end of youth. Their internal bording schools nearly two entities owned public , subject to the Ministry of Social Affairs. transmitted basic budgets for therapeutic targets in these frameworks enormous - more than a billion shekels each year. according to budget 2013 , 962 million were allocated to treatment in outpatient settings - bording schools and emergancy shelters , and another 154 million to treat children as part of the Youth Protection program .

bording school guides does not require special training. 12 years school is enough , even if he is not entitled to a matriculation certificate , can become a guide . He should deal with children were cut off from their families and their environment , and some have experienced various injuries or abuse. guides have no professional status ; The work is based on shifts , and salary ranges around NIS 5,000 a month , sometimes less, when it comes to also providing boarding guides residence . Consideration by the Committee in the Knesset two months ago showed that about half of the guides leave their job in less than a year , because of stress .

Esti . " They took my child and now hurting him ? , Etc. Instead, she was my biggest fear ." Photo: Joshua Joseph

" Without training manuals "

According to bentzi barans, National Commissioner in bording schools of the social welfare , have approximately 2,000 guides, and according to independent testing of these serves in an average of three years. Each year, between 50 and 70 participants Guides Private course - one day a week for a year.

" Some come in the middle of the year and leave after a few months , that sometimes happens that guides are accepted without undergoing formal training . we Realized that we could train them all. Additionally, with a degree in social sciences , education or non-formal education and students in these professions are exempt from the course ."

" There's actually a boarding school counselors in depth training in the field of sexual abuse , because there is not enough awareness and directing resources to the issue," says Sherry Rue , coordinator of the valleys branch Crisis Center and Victims of sexual assault in Haifa. "When we manage to get in, we meet teams who badly need help, who want to learn about the subject and know how to deal with it."

Even schools of social work do not provide their students properly with trained in sexual vulnerability . Thus, even some of the most specialized professionals comes into boarding schools with little understanding of the subject, if any.

Rue says that aid centers were dedicated in training internal staff dealing with sexual abuse . "During 2013 we were able to run ten internal traning programes in Haifa Area , this is a nice start . Realized we must give them at least the basic therapeutic tools : how to find and how to identify victimes , how to provide initial response in a sensitive , non-judgmental in General,to open up a window this world of sexual vulnerability .

" We are also working with the children themselves. Explain to them what the law says , what is right for our bodies , what is a healthy relationship , whats a Abusive Relationship . We reveal lots of prejudices about what this abuse and what who it hurt or injures . Example, children probably think whoever abused deserve - because of there dress , because there family they come from , because of their permissive nature . , we talk to them from the basic starting point for whoever was abused - it 's not his fault . "

In 2011 the evalualuaion harov Institute ( a research institute and curriculum development and treatment ) , in collaboration CBS comprehensive study included all children yearbook 1989 - 125 thousand children , mostly Jewish sector . The purpose of this study was to understand the characteristics of children treated by social services in the community , especially foreign placement -- that is, boarding schools and foster families .

The study found that the percentage of girls who gave birth to one or two children up to age 19 among girls in the welfare system was five times greater than the number of regular young population .the Number of girls undergoing treatment welfare legal abortion or two until the age of 19 was twice that of the other girls normal population. It is assumed that a given part, because the nature of things, the study could not track down illegal pregnancies .

" The state pays for the maintenance of all these institutions more than 15 thousand shekels a month per child ," says CPA Jacob ilia , a researcher specializing in the control and supervision of local authorities dealing with for years regarding the treatment of the welfare of children at risk by the welfare dep. "Despite the highe some of money , these girls are exposed to risk situations pregnancy and abortion very young age , and for the Ministry of Social Affairs, their babies become almost automatic babies at risk . I consider it intolerable . "

Welfare system are well aware of the problem of sexual offenses in the bording schools . Six years ago a discussion was held by the Committee in the Knesset on the subject of juvenile sex offenses and methods of prevention . Dr. Isaac Cadman , CEO of the Child Welfare Council , said that more than ten percent of children living in boarding schools have experienced sexual abuse at boarding school .

Hanna Slutsky , a social worker beginning of the Youth ( under which the children removed from their parents' home ) , she added : " I have no doubt that the number of children affected and hurt is much more than what we know and what comes to our attention , and we know that these numbers are increasing ."

At the hearing, Slutsky sed that there a severe shortage of Night staff thay needed to be multiplied their numbers. The ratio is currently one night guide to all 60 children in a boarding school .

But not only at night is it a dangerus time for the children . Same forum, Dr. Hanita Tzimerin , president of ELI , Child Protection Association that " one of the most difficult problems in boarding schools is' blind spots , which are impossible to control - for example, the shower in the afternoon ." " Our guides are given sets, which are supposed to work with the children , even down to the importance of reporting ," says bentzi . "I have no way of knowing if these kitsare in use . our problem is that thay dont know if their sensors can detect that somthing is wrong and maybe abuse occurs."

Sherry bRue notes that " many sexual abuse do not reach the entire legal process . Police are investigating a very long time, or close the case for lack of evidence , then they say - do not suspend someone if you are not sure that the complaint is correct. we Do not remove a child from a particular place if we are not completely sure something happend but if the police and the court did not find conclusive evidence does not mean that the complaint is not correct and not requiring treatment. limited criminal tools . "

yonit 's two daughters , twin girls of nine, were taken from her nine months ago to a emergency center .she Is living in poverty , but beyond that , the cause of presence of girls in the center of the emergency is not entirely clear . Welfare authorities believed they suffer from ADHD and autism is suspected , not treated . The court upheld the removal from home for three months, for the preparation of assessments , but even after nine months , according to the mother's lawyer , Freddy Yahav , yet there were no diagnoses done .

Since the girls were removed from ther home arose several times serious concerns from the family that they were molested by guides at the emergance shelter . "It began when they told me about the new game , a bottoms game , where they show their rear ends ," says yonit. " I did not need more than that to realize that there is something wrong . Four months ago I filed a complaint with the police. Interrogator told me that we have to get the out for immediate investigation , but I know it was not done."

In one of her few encounters with her ​​daughters, they gave an entire folder paintings. One painting caught her attention : it looks like the figure of a girl with no arms with wide hips , as depicted vagaina . Ionic Zivit asked Dr. Abramson , a psychologist and family therapist , examined the painting.

"From what I can tell , the painting evokes strong suspicion that the girls are being or have been sexually abused ," Abramson wrote in her opinion . "Lack of hands painting expresses a feeling of utter helplessness . Contrast, prominent hips centered between two little feet , you can not stand on them, and vagaina featured covered with stain thick. When I compared the picture of this specific other paintings done by the girls before suspected sexual assault , seen in clear that the girls know how to draw hands and fingers . pelvis or body size had no special expression . " Even that approach yonit complaint at the police and nothing was done .

A month ago, the girls came to visit at home for a weekend , the first time since taken out in June 2013. "In the beginning everything was good, so we were happy to be together , went to the beach with friends ," says yonit . "My brother did a bbq , and the girls were happy. , But on the way home thay told me guides go into bed with them at night . She said that hurt her vagaina , rub it until it hurts . Felt like knives that cut me in the stomach from the inside".

yonit rushed to the hospital wolfson with the girls , so that professionals will test the girls. However , according to summaries of hospitalization , the girls did not undergo a physical examination , which was supposed to prove or disprove the complaint, . According to the investigation conducted the children were not questioned because yonit refused her littel daughters be investigated without her presence.

After a one-day hospitalization for observation , when a policeman watched the whole time so the mother would not run away with the girls , took welfare officer treats the family, accompanied by ten policemen , and took the girls back to emergancy shelter by force

Lily. " My daughter said to me , 'Mom , I'm not guilty , " Photograph : David Vaknin

"They took them out of bed '

"Until now, almost a month after the incident , I can still hear their screams when they took them to a emergancy shelter ," says yonit . "They took them out of bed , with pajamas and without their shoes , pushing them into a taxi , as the police kept blocking me and my mother with their bodies and do not let us get close ."

Mr. Yahav : "There is a complite lack of confidence in the system of the mother's intentions and the validity of her clame . It is the struggle for the return of her daughters home, and the system suspects the mother of lying that sexual abuse hapend , to return them to their home . "

Yaakov Ben Issachar , Head of the Movement for the future of our children , working for equality in divorce proceedings and preventing removal of children from their natural families unnecessarily , accompanied many parents whose children were sexually abused in bording schools a emergancy shelters . He said that over the years he approached to the welfare authorities , the police and the Ministry, this can not be an appropriate answer .

"Over the years I have met with many people , including individual meetings with the Ministers of Social Affairs, and every time I received a reply that the subject is examinad and taken care of ," Ben Issachar . "In practice I found that business as usual , and who are left with worsened daily distress are children and their parents - not that anyone cares , not to treat them, not to be treated seriously."

Professional bodies claim that more sex offenses happen at boarding schools a emergancy shelters than in foster families , which try to detect and to prevent . And yet , even in foster families often heard stories are about sexual abuse .

In the case of a seven year old son of Esther ( 46 ) , who argued that the indecent acts were in foster care . The boy was home two years ago, and since then she struggled with all her might to bring him back , and feel enormasly wronged . Is permitted to meet him for one hour every two weeks in the contact center , although there were long periods when she did not see him at all. The second son , 13 year old ,the welfare authorities left at home, and she raises him with love as best she could .

" Six weeks ago I was sitting with my little boy in the center of the contact, and suddenly he told me his foster brother touches the private parts and and it hurts. Touched fast social worker who sat next to us and supervised the meeting to listen to what he says , and she nodded her listening . Wanted to make order of things and started asking him questions , if is he angry with this child , if that child his friend. wanted to understand where it came from , and he said, ' Mom, do not be mad at me .

" Then I let a scream . What it shout . All two of two years frustration and pain I released there. , I do not even remember exactly what I said. Took my child and now hurting him ? , Etc. Instead, it was my biggest fear , and every mother in the world?

" The social worker immediately went off the child. Said: ' It's for his own good ." Sat on the bench outside, not knowing what 's going on with me. Cried and could not find my rest. Then thay let him come back to me. i Said it 's good that you told me , and he said me, ' Mom, do not do to the Problems . meeting time was over , I said,' Do not worry, I do everything to get you home . "

The report of the Institute of Welfare, the family is under supervision , states that " the mother began to question the child on the foster family and siblings . Telling her about another foster child , she asked , ' Does he touch you ? ' And the boy answered 'yes' . Question of where he touches , he replied : ' pecker . Touches like this , squeezing me tight . " She began to scream and to threats everywhere. Child said to her : ' Mother, I love it in the family, and I love the foster mother. "

Following the incident , the mother's visits with her completely halted until further notice. Welfare Office which treated the family intends to move the sessions supervised contact center to another . Since then , a month and a half , Estee has not sean her son ; She does not know when it will happen .

" I can not find rest, I have no air ," she says . " I have no doubt that my child was injured. Years I'm checking with him if everything was okay , if he was hurt , If he is treat right, and he says everything is fine . This time, on his own initiative he said that he hurt me . , I was very afraid that he is in foreign hands , he sleeps not in his home with his mother . is so sweet and good , my child . "

Immediately after reporting her son Estee filed a complaint . so far not given her and her attorney whereis the investigation going . Estee 's lawyer informed the court about the alleged sexual assault and child was invited to talk to the judge. Recently submitted a request to extend welfare to a year under which the child continues to live with the foster family .

" The social workers have a responsibility to be worried about Estee boy as if he was there own child ," said the mother's lawyer , Joseph Necker . " This guidance previously given a decision of Judge Edna Ben Levy Juvenile Court in Haifa. Child is in the custody and under the auspices of welfare , according to law and order . What does welfare ? Waiting for the police investigation initiated by the mother, and as far as we did not even think of beginning therapy .

" Welfare department minimises Estee case to dwarf there responsibilites and liability on their shift ," adds Mr. Nacker . " For them, the main thing is not the words that child - but the reaction of the mother when he told her . It's outrageous. How wood a welfare officer would react if there child had said touching her private parts ? She would not losing her temper ?

"There is simply zero understanding of the legitimate feelings of mothers in this situaiton . Complain to parents whose children were hurt . Anyone who does not finds compassion and understanding for those parents ,is not worthy to be in public office

" Welfare do not want to believe all the complaints of the parents. Reject their motives in advance. thay Think that the complaint is merely a part of the struggle of the parents to get back their children . These messages are also delivered to the police, and has been since the beginning of the investigation and have close cooperation between the two bodies . From my experience , I doubt the police will do anything to maximize the speed of the investigation . "

It should be noted that according to the law, suspected sexual abuse of children under the age of 14 is tested by researchers at Children's Welfare Ministry , and Youth by police investigators . That is , this issue , like others, remains the responsibility of the Ministry of Welfare.

What would happen if the situation were reversed , and welfare were afraid for a sexually abused child at home ? "They wood immediately remove the child from home ," replies emphatically Cremia Orian , clinical psychologist and counselor , who once worked for many years in conjunction with welfare and child welfare .

"During my years as a psychologist I was 46 years in the system , I worked for them , until they realized I object strongly to remove children from their parents. My assumption is that the house is the best place child - guidance , support , training. state investsin child boarding least NIS 10,000 a month. If thay would invest a quarter of that amount in child care at home , hed have a thousand times better life . he was treated and remained with those who love him. could instruct parents how to avoid the mistakes made ​​, if made . "

tsofit Grant : " For ten months the guide of the boarding school abused me sexually ." Photo: Maya Baumel - Birger

Think the kids are lying thay

Sexual abuse is not something forgotten . Even after decades. Grant 49, and she can not forget what happened to her over thirty years ago .

"I was in my early teens , I got to the boarding school after undergoing sexual abuse by a neighbour .i Was a vary frightend child , vulnerable, such that i only wanted to come out all right with everyone and not have anyone angry with the Early days at the boarding school one of the guides had his eyes on me and incorporated me into a room with a external girl that went , every evening she went home. at some point , my room became to his office . this allowed him to be with me in a lot , and gave him the legitimacy to put a lock on the door .

" For ten months he abused me sexually. Every time he suspected that one of the boys trying to develop a relationship with me i was humiliated front of the whole class . Later I could not take it any more . Called my mother and asked her to come get me out of there."

Grant didnot tell for years about the abuse she experienced with the neighbor and boarding school guide , nor exposed more such stories from other children. Today she is trying to fight this through her ​​work in television ,in which she has found out a great many cases of sexual abuse in boarding schools .

" I recently took care of the child from the ninth grade , she was in a therapeutic boarding school . One morning she called me on phone extremely frightened, and said that at night a 12 grade student came into her and her roommates room , while exposing his penis . roommate complained to the school's psychiatrist , and she did not even bother to clarify the case.

" The reference in this case, as in other cases I revealed to them , is that children lie and make up stories . Unfortunately , the professionals do not realize that truth is something very basic in the world of children that were cut off from their parents , like me. During the year was so simple to use me . grant became to be exploited girl and as a woman was also exploited .

" This exploitation distorts the soul. teen age is fragile this is when boundaries and protection are neaded. , I highly recommend that social workers , before they accuse children are lying, check very well wen a child comes screaming so hard. It never just happens ."

"Things do happen and are denied and hidden ," says Professor Esther Herzog. "This is true for injuries that are not sexual , although sexual abuse no care is particularly acute . Meaning of all this is terrible , because basically there is no protecting the security of the child at the most basic level . , Children were taken from the home that allegedly were at risk, unprotected and damaged , and now they are not exposed to it less but more . institutions , the potential for damage is very high. guides unliked the children , these are not their children , and they do not have effective audit in .

"When serious things float on the surface, treatment is failing , if any is available . , I see this year after year . the inhumanty, of the welfare department and the court system . the final responsibility is that of the judges. They confirm to remove children from home, often based on shaky or distorted recommendations of CPOs , they become prominent partners in these disastrous results . where is there conscience ? have judges become heartless a soulless officials and ? "



" Ministry of Social Affairs refine the detection of cases and treatment "

Ministry of Social Affairs said in response : " The role of the bourding school and emergancy shelter is to protect children and educate them to prevent these events by all the means at its disposal. Though maximum protection , things can happen. bourding schools \emergancy shelters are fairly safe places , dealing with children and youth with stories of complex life . Ministry of Social Affairs perfects all time to treatment and identifying cases that can not be prevented entirely.

" Ministry of Social Affairs made ​​a number of breakthroughs that would reduce significantly the amount of sexual vulnerability . Prevention level : kits are age appropriate , guidance activities designed to prevent sexual assault and healthy sexuality education . Children and Youth center , together with JDC Israel Institute ashalim , performed a three year program to improve coping strategies and the creation of bourding schools \emergancy shelters " sexual protected children" .

"I recently held a training course dedicated to social workers however,it lasted about a year and a half and included training and practicum for treating victims of sexual abuse at boarding school . Every psychologists and psychiatrists employed boarding specialists in trauma and PTSD children . Before the year the course was dedicated to all of Supervisors District of boarding and monitoring national training in sexual assault in boarding school.

"This year's conference will be devoted to child and youth service boarding school issue protected .

" Addition there are courses for social workers who treat boys and girls victims of sexual assault , training courses for managers and supervisors in the area of ​​sexual vulnerability , Courses hubs Adolescent Services Continuing municipalities and service supervisors boys sexual trauma and violence among youth .

" It should be understood sexual behavior , which is not adjusted for age, even if the face looks a sexual assault does not automatically imply a sexual offense in children with complex behaviors . Vulnerability sexual behaviors are on a continuum , and should fit the child's age of legal intervention and behavioral characteristics .

" bording schools a emergancy shelters have a reporting obligation under the Penal Code . Existing reporting procedure is calling the social worker of the Youth , which runs immediately at the discretion and the information available to him and to decide as to report to the police. Once it's reported to the police, no campus is responsible for the duration of the investigation and duration of the process.

" Every child in need of care in respect of sexual abuse directed exceptions committee when normally approved a plan of treatment. Extent that sexual behavior deviation requires support and intensive surveillance , certified tutors suite for children dealing with the phenomenon. Children hurt the community and were educated at boarding school , are eligible for continued treatment centers injury sexual established

community in About the quality of the instructors , Service Child and Youth Welfare Office is formulating ways of coping since Knesset meeting specified in the article. Set Discussions chaired by the Ministry of Welfare and thorough survey commissioned for this issue . Certainly education level directory and more essential in the group , under the guidance and education .

" The issue of treatment in sexual abuse Favorites Propecia more professional due to sensitivity of the subject and expertise .

"The service follows closely the phenomenon of sexual vulnerability , and according to data from 2013 to 2012 and data for students in the center of service: 92 out of 7,500 children in boarding schools have committed sexual assault in a dormitory . 126 children were sexually assaulted in a dormitory . 457 children underwent sexual abuse before they reach school. Hence boarding is in some cases addressing harm and injuries to children in the community.

" Today, a child and youth service at the Ministry of Social Affairs is advocating the removal of a student sexually offensive boarding school , similar to professional thinking in the developed economies . Every event is considered individually , the victim protect all measures and enter -depth therapeutic and educational treatment .

" All cases listed are well known to Children and Youth Services Ministry of Social Affairs . Three cases, the police investigated and closed cases and another case is still under police investigation , and the Ministry of Social Affairs has formed a investigaion into the case ."

Israel Police 's response: " We are unable to address the specific case . Begin complaints mentioned police investigation was launched and carried out all necessary actions, including directing involved Investigation of the Children by the Welfare Ministry , has given exclusive authority to investigate minors under the age of 14 . in Cases which there was an evidentiary basis for the offense , The findings were transferred to prosecution for a decision as authority for indictments in these cases lies in their hands. regarding updating involved in cases where the crime victim is a minor , the right granted to his parents for information . "

Spoke person of Wolfson Hospital said: "The procedure in the case of a minor under 12 requires checking the child sorting children by a pediatrician , as was done in the case of girls. Hospital reported to the police on suspicion of a criminal offense and hospitalized the girls until the arrival of a child investigator from the police . the girls mother refused them to be interrogated without her presence and because of that the investigation has not been undertaken . doctor is not legal because it came invited by children intirigator only

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