Israel's Judiciary and Social Services Now Under UN Supervision

5.3.2012 - Doreen Dotan

My understanding is that the International Court of Justice in Den Haag is about to send an envoy here, in addition to the envoy that was sent here recently by the UN.

UNICEF: Israel negligent in guarding children's rights
Report notes that Israel has passed a number of laws addressing children's rights which are not efficiently implemented.

Israel's Justice Minister seeks to oust family court judge over foot-dragging

Coalition For the Children and Family (Israel)

This is the story of RABBI UZI MESHULAM and his son who investigated the stealing of Yemenite Jewish children:

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam and his son are persecuted

Israel Minister of Welfare Moshe Kahlon Declares War on Shared Parenting Activists

שופטים דורשים לאסור פרסום תלונות נגדם בתקשורת

עבודת הכנה באום לתיקון עוולות בתי המשפט בישראל

This is so transparent!
Israel is afraid of the UN coming here and seeing what the gov't does to Jewish Israeli citizens in the wake of numerous Reports that have been filed by Israelis against the Israeli gov't to the UN and Int'l Court.
I myself have filed Reports on the subjects of Social Services, Unlivable Conditions in Public Housing and the fact that the Safed Municipality Deserted the City in War Time (and absconded with donations meant for the handicapped and infirm).
The Israeli Social Services *and* Judicial Systems have been the Subjects of UN Reports of late.
That means Israel is scared of an in-depth investigation.