Panic and Terror When a Child Welfare Officer Comes to the Door

On 14/12/08, at 22:04 at night, Israeli Child Welfare Officer Shoshi Hirshenberg knocked on the door of the home of a mother. She wanted to check that everything was OK with her children.

The children were sleeping since 20:00. It should be born in mind that the children are six and four years old. They no longer sleep in the afternoon.

The "Child Welfare" Officer arrived with all of the police of the city of Givata'im (who were on duty), which stunned the mother and frightened her to death.

The policeman, Itai, who is in charge of the shift, gives his guarantee that they won't come into the house. Of course, he did enter and all of the policemen of Givatai'm with him.

What does the "Child Welfare" Officer write in her report the next day? Lies: that the house is neglected and that there is laundry in the living room. The mother lives on the ground floor. Because of this she takes any laundry that is still drying on the rack in at night, so that the laundry won't be stolen as it might be if it remains outside. Besides which, the house was near and orderly. There was food in the refrigerator, and the children slept soundly. With all the tumult from the arrival of the "Child Welfare" officer and the police with their communications devices, the children woke up disquieted.

Her ex-husband served 22 complaints of neglect of the children against her with the police. All of the files against her were closed.

Despite that, the children were removed from their home in January 2009 and brought to an institution run by the World Zionist Organization called "Hadasim" (Myrtle Sprigs") which is in the Sharon area of Israel. There they are to this day. There are injuries on the children.

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